coronavirus (COVID-19) Response

NWSS is adhering to the preventative directions from the national and Tasmanian Health Departments and formulating protocols to suit our various contract types and locations. The Tasmanian Health and Human Services Department has a variety of valuable information bulletins that can be downloaded and printed. To stay on top of the challenge we have direct service coordinators in each of the Devonport and Wynyard areas who are:

  • coordinating rosters on a day to day basis including determining priorities if staff depletion becomes serious
  • preparing to coordinate mobile teams for personal care, medication assistance and meals if they become necessary
  • purchasing and distributing essential items

We are asking all family and friends of people living in shared homes to call ahead of visiting. By controlling the flow of visitors, we increase the protection of the clients we support.

Our shared homes have many signs on display to reinforce the best behaviour by staff, family and visitors for keeping the virus at bay. Please help by adhering to these directions and any given by our management team.

This is a totally unprecedented situation with uncertainties that are very hard to plan for but, by simulating scenarios we may find ourselves in, we have some strategies ready. However, NWSS is aware that its preparations and plans can be overridden by directions from government health departments.

Part of managing the coronavirus threat on a day to day basis includes sending out, at least, two staff memos per week. These memos concentrate on:

  • information updates on what is happening in Tasmania and Australia in general. The information will be from government sources, including the ABC
  • reinforcing the protocols from government and NWSS for slowing and controlling the spread of the virus
  • psychological support to help with anxiety and depression

NWSS’ employee assistance provider, Lonvara Services is available to staff if:

  • they think they have virus symptoms
  • have been told to self-isolate by health authorities
  • have been told to reduce social contact by health authorities

There is nothing more important than taking this and all precautions seriously.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The Management Team