Online Training Resources

On this page, you will find links to training resources. If you have issues watching, printing or downloading these resources, please ask your supervisor for assistance.


Manual Handling for Personal Care Work

This DVD shows good manual handling techniques where workers are providing personal care in the home to older people with low-care needs.

Manual Handling for Support Workers in Home Care

This DVD explains clearly what manual handling is in home care, potential hazards and risks and what to do about them and how to perform home care tasks safely and avoid strain and injury.

Food Safety in the Home

When we work in the home, handling food safely is very important, for our clients’ health and our own. This video explains how food safety is part of our work every day. We must always handle food safely when we buy, store, prepare and cook food.
Safe food handling in the home protects workers and protects clients.

Infection Control in the Home

As workers in the home it is vitally important that we know how to stop the spread of germs. Germs spread infection and illness, which is harmful to our clients and to us. This video explains how germs spread and how we can control infection by clean habits and a clean environment. The greatest spreader of germs is our hands, and the video demonstrates how to wash hands properly in a home environment.

Hazards and Risks

For homecare workers in aged care and disability.
Home support workers need to be alert to hazards and risks in their jobs and they need to know what to look for and how to report and record them, for their clients’ safety, their own safety and for ongoing best practice.