Department of Health & Human Services Policies & Guidelines

These DHHS policies and guidelines are referenced into the dot point, NWRSS policies and documents elsewhere on the website

Management of Client Funds – Download

  • Managing a Client’s Finances (NWRSS)

Preventing and Responding to Abuse in Services Procedures  – Download

  • Complaints & Compliments (NWRSS)

Restrictive Interventions in Service for People with Disability Guideline  – Download

  • Restrictive Practices (NWRSS)

Quality and Safety Framework for Tasmania’s DHHS funded Community Sector  – Download

  • Strategic Plan (NWRSS)
  • Continuous Improvement Plan (NWRSS)

Consumer Related Serious Incident Reporting Policy for Tasmania’s DHHS Funded Community Sector  – Download

  • Management Team Agenda (NWRSS)

Disability Services Medication Management Framework For Individuals’ and Disability Service Providers  – Download

Tasmanian Disability Services Act 2011  – Download

  • Operational Handbook (NWRSS)
  • Clients Rights (NWRSS)
  • Human Rights (NWRSS)