Staff Memo 04-01-2022


One of the COVID challenges that we are preparing to manage is a shortage of support workers when they have been identified as close contacts, in their private movements, and must isolate away from work for a week until they are cleared.

NWSS is starting a register of untrained workers who can be called on to work on the many varied general tasks in shared homes under the direction of a trained and certified support worker to offset the shortage of trained staff.

The basic criteria for being on the register would be:

  • Double vaccinated against COVID\· Good health verified by a simple questionnaire
  • Working with Vulnerable People Check (We can assist you in getting one)
  • Signing a simple contract for payment and insurance
  • What a registered worker would receive:
    • A place on our on-call register
    • An orientation booklet
    • If and when working, constant direction and supervision from a trained and certified support worker and supervision from a Service Coordinator calling regularly at the workplace
    • Phone and email access to management team members

If, as staff members of NWSS, you have family or contacts that might like to join this register please call 0418 140 000.  Please leave your name and number if I am unable to answer your call.