Staff memo 05-03-2024

Roslyn Connlley is on-call for urgent matters this weekend.

Phone Roz on- 0437 718 242  –  It’s important to leave a message if you require assistance.
Examples of ‘urgent matters’ and reasons for calling the ‘out of hours’ on call person include:

  •  Signs or symptoms of people you support being unwell
  •  Incidents/accidents/medication errors
  •  PRN medication administration
  •  Covid signs or symptoms/actions

If you are unable to work a rostered shift over the weekend, as per the NWSS roster and relief policy please try to fill your own shift, or phone the location and enlist their help to contact other team members who may be able to fill the shift for you. If you do make an ‘out of hours’ change to your rostered shift it’s your responsibility to contact the roster coordinator with the details first thing during business hours.
Thank you
The Management Team