Staff Memo 06-02-20


Processing time sheets can be very time consuming and frustrating if they are not filled out properly and easy to read.

Please make sure:
·      That all information spaces are filled in
·      Writing is in black, legible and easy to read
·      Names are written in full, no abbreviations or nicknames
·      That, if working a shift with a group of clients, all client names are written at the top of the column.

The Shared Home timesheet and the Individual and Group timesheet have been replaced on the website for the next pay period.

Please remember that time sheets must be in on time which is 5.00 pm on the Thursday in each off-pay week. 

Time Sheet Processors are not contracted to process timesheets that come in after 5.00 pm.

Late timesheets will be held until the pay period is finished and time is available to process them which could see payment delayed until Wednesday the following week.

Neal Rodwell — General Manager — North West Support Services — 0418 140 000