Staff Memo 06-04-23


Recent problems with the content of conversations in some shared home shifts have prompted me to put out this reminder.

Communication between support workers during a shift:

·      Should be about the tasks and the immediate work sharing arrangements between support workers

·      Should be about listening to each other’s suggestions about the tasks at hand

·      Should not be about personal matters

·      Should not be about NWSS in general.  We have no problems about such conversations, but they should not be in shift time

 If you are feeling anxious, teary, emotional or in any way unwell for any reason you should inform your Service Coordinator and arrange to leave the workplace and attend to your wellbeing.

Please remember that you are in someone’s home, and they don’t want to hear your personal matters, discussions about the organisation and see or hear your distress.  They want competent people in their home that apply themselves intensely to the required tasks and, move quietly around them.

Neal Rodwell — General Manager — North West Support Services — 0418 140 000