Staff Memo 06-12-2021


The deadline for mandatory vaccination has now passed.

NWSS has a compulsory obligation to confirm our vaccination status with the NDIS.

We will be contacting every staff member through this memo and following up with phone calls to confirm the vaccination status of people who have not yet informed us.

You need to provide immediately:

  • Confirmation of double vaccination OR:
  • Confirmation of a single vaccination and confirmation of a booking for the second vaccination

Confirmation can be done in the following ways:

  •  Scan a copy of the above and send it by email or text message to:
    0428 351 967 –
  • Show your copies of the above to your Service Coordinator or any one of the management team

If people can’t provide these immediately, we will have to stand them down until the information is provided.

If this request causes concern, you can call any one of NWSS management team including the General Manager on 0418 140 000 or our Employee Assistance Provider on 0411 952 410.

Thank you for your cooperation in such trying times.