Staff Memo 08-11-2021


We are getting disturbing reports of nasty, uncivilised exchanges between some of our employees.

This is not acceptable and leads into accusations of bullying, intimidation and discrimination.

Gossiping and talking about others in disparaging ways is not acceptable either.

Please review the attached policy – Bullying, harassment and discrimination.

NWSS may find itself having to take serious action on this behaviour in order to avoid legal implications.  This may mean dismissing people who communicate in this way.

Regardless of what is happening, adult to adult communication in NWSS must always be respectful and dignified and inflict no discomfort.

These criteria apply equally to the people we are supporting as well.

If someone is anxious, upset or not coping well please use or Employee Support Program run by Lonvara.  Their contact details are attached.

Information re: Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination

Information re: Our Employee Assistance Program