Staff Memo 11-08-2020

NDIS Audit – Corrective Action

Over the last few months we have been constantly referring to and preparing for the coming NDIS audit.  The audit is now complete and our results are in.

Our overall audit results were very good but, this is an uncompromising process that requires 100% compliance.

We have been recommended to continue as an NDIS service provider but, some improvements must be made:

·      Some of our paperwork and the files of the people we support were not up to date.  All documents in our system are legal documents.  The auditor requested that we make sure:

o   Documents are fully completed

o   Documents are dated and signed

o   Names are written in full

o   Information is factual

o   Language is professional

·      Our certification register was not up to date.  All employees, as a condition of employment, need to ensure that we have on file:

o   A National Police Check that is less than three years old

 o   A current Working with Vulnerable Persons Check

o   A current driver’s licence

o   An NDIS Worker Orientation Module certificate: — You must produce a copy of the certificate.

o   An NDIS COVID-19 certificate: — You must produce a copy of this certificate

Certification is so important that we will start standing employees down until they bring their certificates up to date.  I will rely on Direct Service Coordinators to confirm whether employees are cooperating with bringing their certificates up to date.

NWSS has signed a corrective action agreement with the auditor to bring these matters up to date immediately.

Please follow your Direct Service Coordinator’s instructions as they rectify these deficiencies.

Thank you for help in keeping NWSS compliant as a NWSS service provider.

Neal Rodwell — General Manager
North West Support Services — 0418 140 000