Staff Memo 12-01-2021


 Regrettably, we are still getting reports, some from the public, about employees breaking confidentiality and speaking about their workplaces and the people they are supporting in public.

We have alerted people to the policy and given ample time for people to adjust to this compulsory requirement.

Such reports will now be followed up as personal breaches that can easily lead to the loss of a job. All employees are subject to the following condition of employment: 

North West Support Services Inc. Induction

NWSS respects the need to keep information related to clients and families in the utmost confidence.
All employees are expected to respect all boundaries of confidentiality as a condition of continuing employment with NWSS.
Whilst employees have access to client information, it is given in trust, and client confidentiality is never to be breached.
Employees must not:

  • Discuss client information in a trivial manner
  • Discuss information about clients with their own circle of friends, families or other people not professionally associated with NWSS
  • Pass on information or discuss information with another affiliated service provider that is not factual or relevant
  • Divulge information over the telephone, or to visitors, about a client or their family’s whereabouts
  • Discuss behavioural information about a client with family members of another client
  • Give out telephone numbers or addresses of client’s homes to members of the public
  • Leave any client information in unsecured public places
  • Breach their obligation of confidentiality towards the client group and their families. This does not cease at the end of employment.

Proven breach of confidentiality will result in disciplinary procedures being enacted and can result in termination of employment.
Due to the nature of your work in the community while supporting a participant, NWRSS requires you to access confidential information relating to the participant you support. The information supplied to you needs to be kept in a safe secure place.
The full policy on privacy and confidentiality can be found in our Policies and Procedures folder on our website.

Neal Rodwell: General Manager
North West Support Services
0418 140 000