Staff Memo 12-04-2020


We are moving through very difficult times.  The management team has been meeting over the last few days to discuss and plan how we can reduce risks in shared homes and individual contracts.  

The following strategies  will be implemented from tomorrow:

  • Staff will not move between individual contracts and shared homes.  DSC’s have looked at rosters and are arranging for staff to work in one support contract area only
  • Staff moving between shared homes will be reduced
  • The number of staff moving in and out of shared homes will be reduced
  • Shared home staff will work in one of two geographical locations only:
    Devonport/Latrobe or Burnie/Wynyard.
    This will reduce travel along the coast.

Logistically, this is complicated and we will do all we can to reduce the impact on staff and clients.  

A member from the management team will contact you when we need to inform you of any changes.

We ask for your patience and flexibility at this very difficult time.

The Management Team

Neal Rodwell — General Manager — North West Support Services — 0418 140 000