Staff Memo 16-10-23


NWSS understands that regular leave is an extremely important part of life.

Our aim is for everyone to have their leave approved for the time requested. Only if there are too many staff from the same house or contract requesting leave at the same time could it become a situation where approval isn’t possible.

It would be wise and very much appreciated before applying for leave if you could:

·  Check the annual leave planner if you provide support in a shared home, to see who else might be on leave at that time

·  Have a conversation with coworkers regarding when they may be wanting to take leave 

·  Ask the Roster Manager/Coordinator if they are aware of how many others are also on leave at the time you would prefer, including if you provide support in an individual contract

·  Discuss busier and significant times such as Christmas with your Service Coordinator, as well as at the team meetings while planning Christmas for the people you support

·  Be open to negotiating leave dates if necessary

Christmas, New Year and summer holidays are not far away, to avoid disappointment any leave requests for that period should be submitted as soon as possible after considering the above. 

Thank you for your assistance with this.

The Leadership Team