Staff Memo #2 05-10-23


Infection Control Update

We are currently in a careful step down process around infection control/COVID precautions.  

We have considered the risk factor in regards to infection control, and the following expectations for the use of masks while providing support to clients are:

Masks must be worn by staff:

·  when providing personal care

·  when administering medication

·  when providing assistance at meal times and are required to be in close proximity to the person being supported

·  when preparing meals

·  when traveling in vehicles

·  when safe social distancing is not possible

·  when the person you are supporting is showing symptoms of cold or flu

In all environments ensure good fresh air flow whenever possible.

Masks are not required when outside.


The number of people who can travel in a vehicle together will now move to 3 people in a sedan and 4 people in a van.

Encourage everyone to wear a mask if at all possible.

Ensure good air flow whenever possible.

Cleaning, hygiene, social distancing

Please continue with the current essential cleaning protocol.

If you are supporting a client who is showing signs of cold and flu, encourage them to distance themselves from others and inform the Service Coordinator as soon as possible.

In all environments ensure good fresh air flow whenever possible.

Maintain appropriate hygiene protocols.

Please do not come to work if you have cold and flu symptoms.

If you are requested by a client not to wear a mask at appropriate times, please contact the Service Coordinator who will refer the request for a risk assessment.

Wearing masks, social distancing, appropriate hygiene, staying at home when unwell is in place to keep fellow workers safe and healthy, as well as the vulnerable people we support.

Thank you for following the process in place.

The Leadership Team