Staff Memo 26-03-2020

Update 2 : 25-03-20


The management team is meeting regularly on Skype to enable rapid responses to keep our protection high.

We are formatting our updates so that they are brief and easy to read.  These updates are the central point for information from NWSS.

Staff should:

  • Direct clients, their families and others to this information on the website
  • Print hard copies and hand them out to clients, their families or any others who cannot access the website.  Staff supporting people living in their own homes should print these updates and leave them with clients.  If you can’t print them ask your Direct Service Coordinator (DSC) to provide some for you.

DSC’s will make sure these updates get to all families and any other people who should see them.

Protective supplies:

  • We are shopping and sourcing protective supplies on a daily basis with staff who are designated shoppers
  • As supplies of hand sanitisers dwindle please remember that soap and water used thoroughly is as good as gels and foams
  • Household bleach is an excellent cleaning agent in these situations.  However, it can be a dangerous product if not used properly.  Please consult your DSC about using the right recipe on the bottle for the right situation

Food supplies:

  • We have designated shoppers keeping our food supplies up
  • We have some freezers on the way to hold frozen food in central locations

All protective products and food supplies are being held in central locations and can only be accessed through DSC’s

We have established a cash reserve to ensure our purchasing ability and for assisting clients without credit cards who rely on passbooks if banks close.

Shared home visits:

  • To eliminate all possible risks to everyone living and working in the shared homes it has been decided to restrict all visitors to shared houses for the immediate future.  This decision has not been made lightly and is under constant review
  • DSC’s are organising communication into houses for families by video and Skype on a daily basis if they wish to see and know that their loved ones are being well cared for during the lockdown


Thank you for your cooperation and support.

The Management Team