Staff Memo 26-12-2021


I need to clarify NWSS’ NDIS contractual obligations and subsequent expectations of employees.

As a registered NDIS Provider, NWSS has a contractual obligation (not unlike a hospital) to support clients regardless of their COVID status.

It is a compulsory requirement of the Department of Health (DoH) that we will notify them of any COVID positive clients or staff.  We then work to their directions and advice.

The directions from the DoH will include:

  • Ensuring that all staff are appropriately vaccinated
  • The type and levels of PPE to use
  • Any protocols we need to adhere to

Having followed these directions and advice, NWSS are committed to providing support to COVID positive clients and staff are subsequently expected to provide that support.

For any staff members who don’t wish to work with COVID positive clients we will try our best to deploy people to other workplaces. Unfortunately, this is not guaranteed and continuing employment with NWSS may not be possible.