Staff Memo 30-04-2020


NWSS is preparing for all possible scenarios in our management response to the coronavirus pandemic.  As we have seen, over the last couple of weeks on the North-West Coast, we need to make sure we are ready to respond if the coronavirus directly impacts on NWSS homes.

If an employee or client tests positive in one of our shared homes this will likely mean that the entire support team, as direct contacts, will have to go into self-isolation and quarantine for fourteen days. 

In preparation for this possibility we need to establish a number of emergency support teams that could swing immediately into a shared home and continue support for the quarantine period.

We are asking employees, in any contract area, to register for an emergency team if they wish.  This would mean working in a home where someone had been in direct contact with a person who had coronavirus.

NWSS would be putting strict controls around these situations including establishing an appropriate pay rate, supplying the PPE, providing online meetings and training and covering any industrial requirements like short notice roster changes.  Any client who tests positive for coronavirus would be hospitalised so; we would require staff to care for clients who had no coronavirus symptoms.

If you would like to register for one of these teams please contact Direct Service Manager, Lee-Anne Aulich on 0437 071 729.  Lee-Anne will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the emergency teams and the protective measures we will put in place.

Please call Lee-Anne if you would like more information.

Neal Rodwell — General Manager
North West Support Services — 0418 140 000