Recruitment Package

North West Support Services Inc.
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FAX: [03] 6442 2920 Mobile: 0418 140000

Please carefully follow these instructions.

An Application can only be submitted electronically.  You can do it in sessions until you are happy with it.  When you press send it will automatically be sent to us and we will reply with an email receipt.

If you are not familiar with electronic forms and processes ask a friend to help.

If you have problems with it please alert us by email or phone using one of the contacts on the opening page of our website.

  1. Complete the online application form here
  2. Retain the Guidelines for Employees, Volunteers and Students for future reference
  3. Retain the Position Description for future reference.
  4. Retain the Health Assessment Guide – Disability Support Worker for future reference
  5. Study this overview Study this overviewPreventing & Responding to Abuse. If you proceed to an interview you will be expected to show your understanding of this policy to be considered for employment
  6. Study an introduction to Restrictive Interventions by typing RISET into your browser. If you proceed to an interview you will be expected to show your understanding of this information to be considered for employment
  7. Where ever you apply for disability support work you will be required to do the NDIS on-line module – NDIS Worker Orientation Module, ‘Quality, Safety and You.’ Add it to your CV now.

Please note that for some support arrangements employees will need to use their own vehicles and claim a kilometerage allowance.

Your application will not be reviewed unless all questions are answered.

ABN: 57 559 571 582

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