Staff Memo 03-04-2020


NWSS’s communication methods as the coronavirus challenge continues will be three-fold:

1.    Staff Memos will go out as necessary and be predominantly directive, that is, telling staff what they need to be doing.  They will go to staff only.

2.    On the website, upgrades of the first letter — An open letter to clients, their families, government agencies and the public on how NWSS is managing the coronavirus (COVID-19) —  will continue for clients, their families and the public.  Some staff memos will transfer into upgrades.

3.    The website will start to carry good news stories about keeping up business as much as possible.

I am very happy to receive emails with questions, comments on memos and stories and any ideas that we can include.

Neal Rodwell — General Manager — North West Support Services — 0418 140 000